Linux Mint: creating and using data partition in already installed system

Worked on Mint 8.1 Serena

If I want separate data partition.

  1. Run LiveCD/LiveUSB to partition disk as pleased [backup data if don’t want any risk in loosing it]
  • to partition use GParted – if not present – install from repository [Software Manager]
  • if password is set – needs to entered whenever needed]
  • format partition as ext4

2. Create mount point [copy-paste text in dark black field into TERMINAL and hit enter]

  • red text means this needs to be taken from my Linux as it is different to everyone or could  change after next installation
    sudo mkdir /mnt/data

3. Mount the partition [start application to find out which one it is: Preferences >> Disks]

sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/data

4. Take ownership of the mount point

sudo chown -R yourusername: /mnt/data

5. Find out the UUID= for your data partition

sudo blkid


6. Open your fstab file and make an entry to auto-mount the data partition on boot

gksu gedit /etc/fstab
  • if nothing is happening install from repository gedit                                                                 

7. Add these two lines to the end of fstab file

  • if it is an Ext4 formatted partition
# Mount DATA partition under /mnt/data

UUID=ceee2524-7df2-4d21-a1f7-9e7e55c722cc  /mnt/data ext4  defaults  0  2
  • if it is NTFS formatted partition
# Mount DATA partition under /mnt/data

UUID=747D4C9C1EFAD1F2     /mnt/data     ntfs-3g     defaults,windows_names,locale=en_US.utf8     0     0

8. Save the changes to fstab and close the text editor.

9. Run in terminal

sudo mount -a

10. Run application Disks  again


after highlighting data partition it will show /mnt/data if everything was done correctly

to make sure all is OK, system can be rebooted

*mnt – this location is universal and will always work, although different one can be used, and other guides can use instead of mnt other locations like: home / media



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