Stevia. Outrageous prices in UK shops.

Once I was buying Stevia of my choice in UK shops but since long time ago when low priced stock, run out or because of Stevia  gain in popularity, prices went trough a roof. Now there is no shop in UK that is offering good value purchase any more.

I did the simplest thing possible and I have turned to on-line shop from the origin country of my favourite liquid stevia.

NOW Foods Stevia Original (237ml)

This stevia is denatured version. That means that extraction process involved alcohol, and Original version still has 11% of alcohol.

If you want halal version of stevia from Now Foods – or if you are simply after non-alcoholic liquid, which did not involve alcohol in the extraction process, you want to buy

Now Foods, Better Stevia Liquid Sweetener, Glycerite, 8 fl oz (237 ml)

I’m not going to convince you here, why stevia is better. This text is only to people already into healthy lifestyle and looking for the best way to use money.

But I guess, you would like to hear why I advice you to get this specific bottle.

Firstly using error and trial I found it is best tasting stevia and size offers best value per litre.

In my home liquid stevia is being used extensively to tea, salads, cakes, oat cookies, well even to a coffee just not by me.

And yes. For the first time you can have slight after-taste. But it will depend upon your taste buds will you have sensation once or a week. At my home it happened once with this brand.

Recently we have run out of stevia for 3 days and sugar was way too sticky, in our 10 a day cups of tea!

Important information when you want to order from USA.

As of today [20 Nov 2017] if you order of one the above NOW Foods Stevias from USA it’s value will be below £15 and you will not pay any extra import fees. [look here for advice]

From experience I also know P&P is not taken into consideration.

Although I can’t support it by actual paragraph, I simply never paid for import when value of parcel was below £15 but parcel + P&P was above £15.

Summing up before you finish your order make sure that you will not pay more that ie £14.50 for Stevia only and British Pound is not loosing value quickly as value of the parcel will be evaluated when parcel will reach UK apparently.

As of today I pay on average £15.40 for Stevia and p&p, and about £13.50 for Stevia alone.



Flashing HTC Desire Bravo A8181 [not branded] with new smaller ROM

Don’t use this guide without specialist supervision!

My Desire run out of internal memory. Pretty obvious it is going to happen quickly considering how small it is.

The only way is flash, I thought. And I will write about my experience with flashing.

I need some small ROM that have a decent opinion among many users, rather than few. My choice happened to be CyanogenMod Official. The other one I want to try is MIUI. But with this one the naming, and number of mods make it too complicated to say what supposed to be good, as you can guess people can be very unspecific in what they actually use.

I will provide the links to www which I found very useful when flashing + add my annotations.

First off all I’ve used Linux to root the handset. Never used it before; easy. I’ve lost few hours on Windows trying to root as drivers didn’t cooperate with me, without success.

Needed: handset, USB cable, USB stick with FAT32 partition, time.

Procedure [important: read following references: XDA, unlockr, XDA2 as I’m not as detailed – and use this notes in case you will stuck only]

  1. Go to Click the handset you want to root. It will take you to confirmation page with handset name you’ve just choosen -> click unrevoked3 -> Download for Linux [file name atm: reflash.tar.gz]. Copy this file later on USB stick.
  2. On Desire, Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> make sure USB Debugging is checked ON
  3. Turn off wi-fi when rooting
  1. Download program install & open
  2. Open Linux Live tab -> Click on Slax, it will ask you to download it. Agree. Wait for completing download.
  3. USB stick into USB socket. In program click Search USB, from the drop down menu choose letter of  your USB drive – make sure it is the one as it will wipe all data from it.
  4. Click icon below with USB stick picture, it will create bootable device. When done restart PC and make it boot from this stick.
  5. Start Linux
  6. Connect phone to PC, enable battery charging mode
  7. Unpack reflash.tar.gz onto desktop -> run unpacked program -> it will ask you yet to agree with t&c and then root the handset.
  8. In my case it restarted my phone 2 times before the root has finished. After first time it booted as after normal restart. Just wait for program on PC screen to tell you Completed – then it is done!
  9. Switch off phone -> Press and hold Vol- button and press Turn on button wait 5 sec for a new screen,
  10. From the menu [using volume buttons]  navigate to and highlight Recovery -> press Turn on button [works like enter on PC] -> you are in Clockwork Recovery now -> backup and restore -> click with trackball -> backup – it will backup your system in case…
  11. restart
  12. at this point, after restart it seemed that my phone bricked as it went into constant restart loops 😦 what I did is: I went back into backup and restore and then I have performed restore – it restored exactly same system I’ve just backed up. Problem solved.
  1. Another step, re-flashing HBOOT, from what I read unrevoked-forever and AlphaRev is being used to do it. In my case only the latter worked.
  2. Go to download AlphaRev HBOOT reflash utility [it is ISO file]
  3. Burn it to some rewritable medium [cd-rw, dvd-rw], run PC from this medium while the phone is being connected to PC [charging battery mode] -> wait for it to finish flashing -> read messages on phone screen, it will tell you when it will be safe to disconnect phone and PC -> after this message, phone will boot into bootloader, this is time to restart phone.
  1. Install Titanium Backup from the Market.
  2. Backup all application on your phone that you want to keep along with app data [as far as I can see all settings are being backed up -after recovering them]
  1. alchemistar – this blog has few custom ROMs listed for you to easily follow the links to them
  2. XDA forum is probably more acurate tho
  3. Download *.zip file of a chosen mod onto SD card
  4. Read all the mod specific instructions before flashing your phone with them!
  5. Go into Clockwork Recovery mode and in the same place where previously you have chosen backup and restore now choose update from zip file then pick the ROM you want to flash the Desire with. It will finish shortly.
  6. Restart device twice when flashing finishes. In my case I had a lot of force closes after first one.
  7. Download Google set of applications like Market for install if Mod doesn’t include them: or
  8. Restore applications with Titanium Backup if you have *.apk installer for it on SD card

Other refernces:, – Ibisa like electronic music

Get mp3 out of the container [with Wimad Trojan]

Avast 4.8.1195.0 2008.07.18 WMA:Wimad
AVG 2008.07.18
BitDefender 7.2 2008.07.18
CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.07.17
ClamAV 0.93.1 2008.07.18
DrWeb 2008.07.18 Trojan.WMALoader
eSafe 2008.07.17
eTrust-Vet 31.6.5965 2008.07.18
Ewido 4.0 2008.07.18
F-Prot 2008.07.18
F-Secure 7.60.13501.0 2008.07.18 Trojan-Downloader.WMA.GetCodec.d
Fortinet 2008.07.18
GData 2.0.7306.1023 2008.07.18 Trojan-Downloader.WMA.GetCodec.d
Ikarus T3. 2008.07.18
Kaspersky 2008.07.18 Trojan-Downloader.WMA.GetCodec.d
McAfee 5341 2008.07.18
Microsoft 1.3704 2008.07.18

Above yo can see how could the virus be recognized by different AV programs

mp3 you have that includes virus/ trojan likely will not play properly on many music players.

If you want to recover this mp3’s, download and install:

Then set it up for recovering mp3:

Edit > Presets
Preset Name = DemuxMP3
Preset Label = DemuxMP3
Preset Command Line = -vn -acodec copy
Output File Extension = mp3
Category = Audio
Add/Update -> Save
Add files to recover (Add…); Convert to…, Audio _>  DemuxMP3; Convert

In my case it just created also few small files that didn’t have any music in it – meaning you need to find this files again anyway.

Another thing is how can you find out that some mp3s are not in the right container.

For this purpose I have used:

if you add all your mp3 files into this program and do ANALYSIS only it will not be able to scan all files within different container, thus showing you empty lines next to a file.

It is not ideal tho as this process is lengthy cause it also analyses files for other stuff

more tags: .wma, .wmv, .asf, trojan, .mp3,

Samsung M8800 flashing/ removing lock


All info I pass on to you I have gained on:

And it’s as follows.


  1. You need drivers for phone USB connection with a PC:
    and install on a PC; when next time you will connect mobile to PC, you should get the baloon tip that driver for the device has been succesfully installed.
  2. (
  3. MultiLoader_V5.56.exe (
  4. M8800_download_new.pdf (
  5. files from number 2,3,4 try to also download from

Install drivers file from paragraph [1], file form [2] unpack anywhere, [3] is the file that commences actual flashing. [4] includes instructions (in Italian) how to set MultiLoader.

Now when phone disconnected from PC, press at the same time 3 buttons, and hold about 5-10 seconds:

  • volume down [same for zooming in camera]
  • camera button
  • switch on/off button

On a screen you get few lines of text […BOOT loader…]

Get USB and connect PC with handset.

Start Multiloader.

Look into .pdf set as on picture and open appropriate files in Multiloader. You can’t be wrong it will look for specific file extensions and [Boot] will need whole [BootFiles] folder to be selected for it.

Only this item is being called

Rsrc2_M8800 [low] or

I’ve choose [low] and it worked OK for me, don’t know what is for.

At the end compulsory click [Port Search]

Connection between PC and handset will appear at the bottom-left

Now click [Download] to start flashing procedure.

You will se the progress of works on the phone screen and in MultiLoader, on the right side. Wait couple of minutes [it took me ~10 min]. But most importantly, software at the end will say it has finished. Next your phone will restart automatically and switch on your unlocked, flashed handset.