Samsung M8800 flashing/ removing lock


All info I pass on to you I have gained on:

And it’s as follows.


  1. You need drivers for phone USB connection with a PC:
    and install on a PC; when next time you will connect mobile to PC, you should get the baloon tip that driver for the device has been succesfully installed.
  2. (
  3. MultiLoader_V5.56.exe (
  4. M8800_download_new.pdf (
  5. files from number 2,3,4 try to also download from

Install drivers file from paragraph [1], file form [2] unpack anywhere, [3] is the file that commences actual flashing. [4] includes instructions (in Italian) how to set MultiLoader.

Now when phone disconnected from PC, press at the same time 3 buttons, and hold about 5-10 seconds:

  • volume down [same for zooming in camera]
  • camera button
  • switch on/off button

On a screen you get few lines of text […BOOT loader…]

Get USB and connect PC with handset.

Start Multiloader.

Look into .pdf set as on picture and open appropriate files in Multiloader. You can’t be wrong it will look for specific file extensions and [Boot] will need whole [BootFiles] folder to be selected for it.

Only this item is being called

Rsrc2_M8800 [low] or

I’ve choose [low] and it worked OK for me, don’t know what is for.

At the end compulsory click [Port Search]

Connection between PC and handset will appear at the bottom-left

Now click [Download] to start flashing procedure.

You will se the progress of works on the phone screen and in MultiLoader, on the right side. Wait couple of minutes [it took me ~10 min]. But most importantly, software at the end will say it has finished. Next your phone will restart automatically and switch on your unlocked, flashed handset.